IMAT contracts with a well-respected company known as United Allergy Associates (UAS). There is a UAS allergy technical specialist in our office who can perform skin prick testing of 50 allergens that are common in the Dallas area, both air borne allergens like tree pollen, grasses and weeds as well as environmental allergens such as animal dander, feathers, common household molds. The UAS specialist, working in conjunction with one of the providers, helps the patient to decide if allergy treatment with immunotherapy is appropriate for the patient. This involves making serum consisting of the allergens to which the patient is allergic and teaching the patient to self-administer the serum 3 x a week. This helps the patient to become desensitized to the allergens and thereby decreases the common allergy symptoms of runny nose, nasal congestion, sinus congestion, post nasal drainage, and cough. Recommended treatment period is 3-5 years. Efficacy is proven.

The UAS specialist also helps the patient to understand the cost involved both with testing and treatment by verifying insurance benefits for each patient.


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